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Release of OME Consortium projects

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Release of OME Consortium projects

Postby hflynn » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:01 pm

Dear All,

Today we are releasing several "Projects" from the OME Consortium which add extra functionality and are fully compatible with the newly released OMERO and Bio-Formats 5.0.0. The Projects included in this release are:

FLIMfit 4.6.4 (Mac-only, Windows version to follow):
  • FLIMfit is now compatible with OMERO 5.0.0 and features support for LaVision Imspector .msr files via Bio-Formats 5.0.0;
  • Support for Becker & Hickl SPCImage .sdt files has been extended to include measurement mode 13;

u-track 2.1.1:
  • u-track now supports OMERO 5.0.0 and is bundled with Bio-Formats 5.0.0;
  • Improvements include new graphical interfaces to login and browse data onto an OMERO server;

OMERO.webtagging 1.0.0:
  • First full release of this application.
  • OMERO.webtagging provides a semi-automatic process for creating and applying tags based on the filename, path and extension of the original data.
  • Improvements over the beta version include support for displaying all existing tags, tighter webclient integration and some performance enhancements.

OMERO.figure 1.0.0-beta1:
  • OMERO.figure is a new web app for creating figures from images in OMERO.
  • It has tools for quickly aligning panels, adjusting rendering settings, scrolling Z and T, adding labels and displaying scalebars. Images can be exported as PDF or saved and shared via the web.
  • See http://will-moore.github.io/figure/ for more information.
  • This is a beta release; feedback and comments welcome!

OMERO.mtools 1.0.0:
  • OMERO.mtools is a suite of MATLAB-based tools for carrying out common image analysis tasks on images stored in an OMERO.server;
  • it has its own GUI and only requires an installation of MATLAB Compiler Runtime to run.
  • OMERO.mtools has been used to analyse data for several papers published by groups in Dundee; comments and feedback welcome!

OMERO.searcher 0.1.0:
  • OMERO.searcher provides the ability to search for images in OMERO by their content (e.g., subcellular patterns) rather than just by their annotations.
  • This is an early preview release, not intended for production use. Comments and feedback welcome!

OMERO.csvtools 0.2.2:
  • OMERO.csvtools is a script-based tool for mass tagging operations;
  • Tag definitions are supplied in a simple, conventional CSV structure, and may be provided through a local file on disk or fetched remotely from an OMERO.server file store.
  • This is a preview release, comments and feedback welcome!

These projects are available to download at:

Further information for each project is available at:

The OME Consortium will keep on maintaining and developing these applications. Any problems or comments, please use the OME Forums or mailing lists:



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