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Job opening for a software developer with OME

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Job opening for a software developer with OME

Postby jmoore » Tue May 02, 2017 10:47 am

We are currently advertising for a Software Developer

Are you a great developer with a desire to make a difference? Looking for a great team working on a fantastic platform?

We are seeking a Software Developer for an exciting phase of development and integration. We have lots of great functionality, but we, and our community of thousands of users need more. Our agenda: Improved and updated tools for reading and writing multi-dimensional image data, extensions to our Django-based web application and integrated workflows with ImageJ/Fiji, CellProfiler, and KNIME among others.

We work hard, have a great time, and deliver unique, world-leading applications that are changing the way bioscience works. We are also now taking on the challenge of large clinical datasets and need your help! Across the whole OME stack, our applications are mostly written in Java and Python with some JavaScript and PL/pgSQL. Our foundation is a little old school, PostgreSQL, ZeroC’s ICE mixed with a taste of web scale computing; NoSQL, HDF5 and PyTables. Think you have the technical skills to help us extend our scope and scale further?

We value collaboration, and thrive on creativity and well-designed code. We passionately follow open source development and licensing and make major contributions to Bio-Formats and OMERO, software applications that are installed in thousands of labs around the world. Our process is kanban-ish, with heavy use of Trello. For infrastructure, we make heavy use of Docker, OpenStack and Ansible. We are proud of our commitment to an open source philosophy.

Interested? Read more details and apply via the University of Dundee job page

Closing Date: 23 May 2017
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