Open Microscopy Environment SA Schemas

November 2016

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Schemas
  3. History


This document outlines the XML SA Schemas created by the Open Microscopy Environment. This is the Structured Annotation schema. It is combined with the main OME schema as of 2016-06. Detailed information on the schemas is available here.


This has the schema name, the current version, a link to the XSD file, and a short description

Note: Some browsers will try to render XSD files when you view them. This can result in either a blank screen or unformatted text. Choose to either download the file or view the source.

This schema is no longer in use.

Most recent schema

Older schemas


This lists the current and prior versions of the SA schema. The schemas are in a process of constant development to extend and refine the OME Data Model. See the Schema version history for more information.