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User and group removal ?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:42 pm
by nicholas_yue

I am just starting out with OMERO and looking at the administration side.

I see commands to create users and group but I don't see corresponding command to delete/remove them.

Is there some data integrity/retention reasons behind this ? Or have I been looking at the wrong place.


Re: User and group removal ?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 9:59 am
by mtbc
Hello! Thank you for trying OMERO out. You are not missing anything: there are no commands to delete users or groups nor is there strong disinclination to provide such commands. It's really just that our resources are limited and it hasn't been a priority: far more effort has gone into preserving data. :) Deleting users or groups involves cleaning up plenty in the server's database about who did what when and in what context; we now have code that gets us partway there but implementing the rest is not trivial.

In the meantime it has sufficed that one can rename users, inactivate them so they can no longer log in, delete all their data or transfer it to another user, etc., and that for maintenance the web administration interface allows easy filtering of users and groups by substring search. Should you have any questions about any of those things then please do feel free to ask us to elaborate.


Re: User and group removal ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:52 pm
by nabila.elarouci
I was looking for the answer regarding groups/users deletion! Unfortunately, I find the response in this post.

I do think that this function should be implemented in OMERO because in research field, as you may know, the turn over is very important! so groups/users could be obsolete in small time.



Re: User and group removal ?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:04 pm
by jmoore
Thanks, Nabila. We certainly understand. And it's not that we don't agree with you, but there are only so many things we can focus on at once. I've cross linked this thread to the original ticket:3105.