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Ice.MessageSizeMax (again)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:47 pm
by johnm

I just tried to use one of the example jython scripts for connecting to omero and I ran into an error trying to download a big image. I see other people have had this error, but I'm a bit in the dark about how to fix the problem. This is the error:

File "D:\Users\me\FIJI\", line 100, in open_image_plus
IJ.runPlugIn("loci.plugins.LociImporter", options)
unknown = "ConnectionI.cpp:1573: Ice::MemoryLimitException:
protocol error: memory limit exceeded:
requested 260582430 bytes, maximum allowed is 256000000 bytes (see Ice.MessageSizeMax)"

I see this stuff: ... big-images ... agesizemax

but my sysadmin skills are limited. If this is a config file somewhere I could probably edit it and restart the server. I'm on centos7 with omero 5.4.10-ice36-b105.

thanks for any and all help! -John

Re: Ice.MessageSizeMax (again)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 9:42 am
by mtbc
Dear John,

On your OMERO server you could try doubling the maximum message size,
Code: Select all
bin/omero config set Ice.MessageSizeMax 500000
bin/omero admin restart

This is but an unfortunate workaround because the real problem is that large image planes should be fetched tile-by-tile rather than all at once. It may be possible to adjust your particle analysis script accordingly. In these modern days of enormous images even some of the code provided by us at OME for ImageJ also needs such adjustment.