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2020 07 20 12:02:52 by unknown

I attached my comment to an existing discussion.

2020 07 20 09:50:37 by s.besson@...


in order for the data to be imported as a screen in OMERO, it needs to be stored using a HCS-aware file format that the Bio-Formats library understands.

The naming of the indidividual files is not sufficient, some metadata expressing the plate/screen/well relationships are needed. This metadata is usually stored as a separate XML file for data generated by most High-Content Screening acquisition systems.

If this file does not exist, your options are either to recreate this representation using e.g. OME-XML companion files or to convert your data from Datasets into plates post-import into the system. In both cases, feel free to start a public discussion on if you need guidance.

2020 07 16 18:16:48 by unknown

I tried with 5.5.12 and it does not crash and data gets uploaded. Unfortunately, the images are orphanated.

The images have a postfix from 01 to 96. Could this be the problem? Do they have to have a postfix A01, A02, etc. in their name?


When I convert the dataset it just works.

2020 07 16 17:52:50 by j.burel@...

Thanks Antonio for the report.
The problem has been fixed and included in the latest version of omero.insight available at