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Release of OMERO 5.1.4

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Release of OMERO 5.1.4

Postby hflynn » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:47 am

Dear All,

Today we are releasing OMERO 5.1.4. This is a point release focusing on bug fixes across all components. It also upgrades your OMERO.server to use the latest release of Bio-Formats.

Improvements include:
  • fixed channel buttons in OMERO.web
  • improved UI experience when moving annotated data between groups in OMERO.web
  • improved performance for loading annotations in the right-hand panel of OMERO.web
  • much better handling of ROIs covering large planes in OMERO.insight
  • rendering setting fixes for copy and paste actions in OMERO.insight
  • rendering fixes for floating point data
  • Admins can now configure whether the clients interpolate images by default
  • better formatting of Delta-T and exposure times in the clients
  • directories are now preserved when downloading multiple original files
  • various improvements to the OMERO-ImageJ handling of ROIs and measurements, including the ability to name measurement tables [1]
  • current session key can now be returned via the CLI
  • other CLI improvements including usability of ‘chmod’ for downgrading group permissions, and listing empty tagsets
  • added support for groups in OMERO.matlab methods

Developer updates include:

  • improvements to web logging to log full request and status code
  • fixed joda-time version mismatch
  • cleanup of old insight code to remove remaining references to OMERO.editor

Support for deployment of OMERO.web using FastCGI has also been deprecated in this release and is scheduled to be removed in 5.2.0. Sysadmins should move to using WSGI instead. We are also intending to stop distributing Java Webstart for launching OMERO.insight from your browser, as security concerns mean browsers are increasingly moving away from supporting this type of application. You can read further information regarding this decision on our Web Start blog post.

Full details are available at http://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/supp ... story.html

The software is available at:

The Virtual Appliance (to allow you to test a server locally) now has its own downloads page and can be found on http://downloads.openmicroscopy.org/ome ... nce/5.1.4/

Upgrade information is at http://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/supp ... grade.html

Any problems or comments, please use the OME Forums or mailing lists:



The OME Team

[1] Users of the ImageJ plugin may find that re-opening their saved images with ROIs back in ImageJ encounters some issues because not all the Bio-Formats fixes for this workflow made it into the Bio-Formats 5.1.4 release. This will be fixed with the upcoming Bio-Formats 5.1.5 release and in the meantime, you can use the Bio-Formats latest build.
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