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Experience running OMERO 5.2.1 under Windows 2012 ?

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Experience running OMERO 5.2.1 under Windows 2012 ?

Postby KBernhardt » Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:47 pm

Do you have any experience running OMERO 5.2.1 under Windows Server 2012 R2, all componets installed in 64bit version?

We are running into trouble starting the /OMERO Website.

It shows only: "This page can’t be displayed" and the Windows System Log shows:

„Source: Microsoft-Windows-WAS, Event ID: 5009
A process serving application pool 'DefaultAppPool' terminated unexpectedly. The process id was '7700'. The process exit code was '0x1'.„

It seems to be a problem with IIS 8.5 (DefaultApplPool) with _omero_web_iis.dll

We tried several Test Installations on Server 2008R2 and 2012 R2.
At the 2008 R2 Servers the website shows up as expected, on 2012 R2 Servers the error mentioned above shows up.
Details of the installation are attached below.

Can you give us a hint what to try next?

Thanks a lot in Advance,


All components are installed as 64bit versions

Omero 5.2.1
PostgreSQL 9.4
Python 2.7
Ice 3.5

IIS: Default Application Pool - Enable 32-Bit Applications false


Users - Full Control: "\PostgreSQL\9.4\data" und "\Omero\var\log"

and the content of "Omero-admin-diagnostics.txt":
omero> admin diagnostics


OMERO Diagnostics 5.2.1-ice35-b15

Commands: java -version 1.8.0 (C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java
Commands: python -V 2.7.10 (C:\Python27\python.EXE)
Commands: icegridnode --version 3.5.1 (C:\Program Files\Ice-3.5.1
Commands: icegridadmin --version 3.5.1 (C:\Program Files\Ice-3.5.1
Commands: psql --version 9.4.6 (C:\Windows\system32\psql -
- 2 others)

Server: icegridnode running
Server: Blitz-0 active (pid = 4064, enabled)
Server: DropBox active (pid = 3000, enabled)
Server: FileServer active (pid = 3108, enabled)
Server: Indexer-0 active (pid = 4112, enabled)
Server: MonitorServer active (pid = 4128, enabled)
Server: OMERO.Glacier2 active (pid = 4184, enabled)
Server: OMERO.IceStorm active (pid = 4212, enabled)
Server: PixelData-0 active (pid = 4220, enabled)
Server: Processor-0 active (pid = 4252, enabled)
Server: Tables-0 inactive (disabled)
Server: TestDropBox inactive (enabled)
Server: OMERO.master active (running as LocalSystem)

Log dir: C:\OMERO\var\log exists
Log files: Blitz-0.log 21.0 MB errors=457 warnings=19
Log files: DropBox.log 37.0 KB errors=0 warnings=14

Log files: FileServer.log 4.0 KB
Log files: Indexer-0.log 441.0 KB errors=0 warnings=17
Log files: MonitorServer.log 15.0 KB
Log files: OMEROweb.log 539.0 KB errors=26 warnings=17

Log files: OMEROweb_brokenrequest.log 0.0 KB
Log files: PixelData-0.log 370.0 KB errors=0 warnings=17
Log files: Processor-0.log 1.0 MB errors=320 warnings=19
Log files: Tables-0.log n/a
Log files: TestDropBox.log n/a
Log files: master.err 0.0 KB
Log files: master.out 0.0 KB
Log files: Total size 24.43 MB

1.0\;C:\Program Files\Ice-3.5.1-b4-win-x64-Release\bin;C:\Program Files\PostgreS
QL\9.4\bin;C:\Python27\Tools\Scripts;C:\Program Files\Ice-3.5.1-b4-win-x64-Relea
Environment:PYTHONPATH=C:\Program Files\Ice-3.5.1-b4-win-x64-Release\python
Environment:ICE_HOME=C:\Program Files\Ice-3.5.1-b4-win-x64-Release

OMERO SSL port:4064
OMERO TCP port:4063
OMERO data dir:'E:\OMERO' Exists? True Is writable? Tru
OMERO temp dir:'E:\TEMP' Exists? True Is writable? Tru
e (Size: 0)

JVM settings: Blitz-${index} -Xmx7200m -XX:MaxPermSize=1g -XX:+Ig
JVM settings: Indexer-${index} -Xmx4800m -XX:MaxPermSize=1g -XX:+Ig
JVM settings: PixelData-${index} -Xmx7200m -XX:MaxPermSize=1g -XX:+Ig
JVM settings: Repository-${index} -Xmx4800m -XX:MaxPermSize=1g -XX:+Ig

OMERO.web status... DEVELOPMENT: You will have to kill processes by hand!
Django version: 1.8.6
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Re: Experience running OMERO 5.2.1 under Windows 2012 ?

Postby atarkowska » Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:00 pm


the problem is Python 2.7.10. You have to downgrade that to 2.7.9 as stated in the documentation https://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/sup ... l#python-2

Note that reinstalling python my require reinstalling all other dependences and restating the machine

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