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Public User with webclient access

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Public User with webclient access

Postby Thomas Zobel » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:03 am

Dear OME community,

I would like to configure an automatically logged-in public user while still giving existing OMERO users an unchanged user experience (as described here under „configuring OMERO.web: https://docs.openmicroscopy.org/omero/5 ... ublic.html). The "normal" configuration of an public-user works fine, but i have problems with the installation of a second OMERO.web.

I installed OMERO.server (5.4.10) and OMERO.web at the same VM (CentOS7). OMERO.web was installed separately from OMERO.web (--system-site-packages on).
If I understood it correctly, I need to install an additional OMERO.web for the public user. I tried this by creating a new virtual environment for the public user and following the docs for the installation of OMERO.web. When I tried to start the second OMERO.web, I got errors for missing web apps. I think the second OMERO.web tries to use the config of the first one.
What exactly do I have to do to install a second OMERO.web for a public user with access to the webclient? I must mention that the installation of OMERO was my first contact with Linux and VMs. So I am not experienced with Linux / NGINX / etc.

Thanks for your help,
Thomas Zobel
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Re: Public User with webclient access

Postby manics » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:01 am

Hi Thomas

The login page is still available on a fully public OMERO.web, so using the example from the doc you linked to authorised users could log into https://omero.lifesci.dundee.ac.uk/webclient/ by going to https://omero.lifesci.dundee.ac.uk/webclient/login/

If you prefer a completely separate OMERO.web you can either setup your two OMERO.web instances to listen on different different internal ports (default is 4080) and URL prefix (e.g. http://server/public-omeroweb, http://server/private-omeroweb) and configure Nginx appropriately. If you don't have much experience with Linux it's probably easier to create a second VM and install OMERO.web on that.
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