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The real world X, Y, Z coordinates for a mouse pointer?

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The real world X, Y, Z coordinates for a mouse pointer?

Postby Kouichi_C_Nakamura » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:25 am

By default, OMERO iviewer indicates X and Y coordinates of the mouse pointer in terms of pixels.

Given that the image data holds the scaling factor, once you set a reference point in an image by giving X, Y and Z coordinates (in terms of a mouse brain atlas [http://chamber.mrc.ox.ac.uk/iviewer/?dataset=51], they can actually represent anteroposterior, dorsoventral, and mediolateral for example), then OMERO can work out the X, Y, Z coordinates in µm or mm in the real world. This would be helpful in some use cases I believe.

For example, ImageJ supports this kind of scaling, though it does not allow you to choose arbitrary reference point.

Do you think this is worth implementation?

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Re: The real world X, Y, Z coordinates for a mouse pointer?

Postby jburel » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:32 pm

Dear Kouichi

Thanks for the suggestion,
how do you see that working? Indicates the "scaled" coordinates alongside the coordinates in pixels or having the ability to toggle between the two views.

I have moved the conversation to a GH issue
Feel free to add comment to the issue


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