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Job Openings with OME


We are not currently advertising any vacancies.


Here at OME, we build data access and data management tools for life sciences and biomedical research. We have lots of great functionality, but we, and our community of thousands of users, need more. Our agenda: Improved specification and usage of spatiotemporal regions and tracks in images; storage, access and processing of large numbers of heterogeneous metadata; graph-based representations of metadata models; improved workflow and UX. We also need to scale up to handle millions of images and petabytes of data across multiple hosts, together with real-time analysis tools, all integrated with other world-leading databases and scientific resources-- Ensembl, etc.

We work hard, have a great time, and deliver unique, world-leading applications that are changing the way bioscience works. We are also now taking on the challenge of large clinical datasets and need your help!

We value collaboration, and thrive on creativity and well-designed code. We passionately follow open source development and licensing— we make major contributions to Bio-Formats and OMERO software applications that are installed in thousands of labs around the world. We are proud of our commitment to an open source philosophy.

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