View the latest products released by the Open Microscopy Environment

Handles your images in a central repo from microscope to publication

You can view, organize, analyze and share your data from anywhere you have internet access. Work with your images from a desktop app (Windows, Mac or Linux), from the web or from 3rd party software. Publish your data direct from your server for reproducible science.

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The solution for reading and writing microscopy file formats

Bio-Formats is a standalone library for reading and writing microscopy file formats. It can be used from standard applications like ImageJ and MATLAB, or from your own code. Bio-Formats takes the hard work out of supporting multiple image file formats.

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The reference implementation of the OME data model and file formats

OME Files is a collection of tools and standards for developers wanting to integrate support for the OME data model and for reading and writing OME file formats into their software.

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