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The Bio-Formats Library

Bio-Formats, the solution for reading proprietary microscopy image data and metadata.

Bio-Formats is a software tool for reading and writing image data using standardized, open formats. Bio-Formats is a community driven project with a standardized application interface that supports open source analysis programs like ImageJ, CellProfiler and Icy, informatics solutions like OMERO and the JCB DataViewer, and commercial programs like Matlab.

Bio-Formats is developed by the Open Microscopy Environment consortium, including development teams at LOCI at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Dundee and Glencoe Software. Licensing and citing information is on the OME licensing page.

Bio-Formats 5 improves support for High Content Screening, time lapse imaging, digital pathology and other complex multidimensional image formats, reading and converting over 130 file formats to the OME-TIFF data standard.
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