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Release of OMERO 5.2.1

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Release of OMERO 5.2.1

Postby hflynn » Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:50 am

Dear All,

Today we are releasing OMERO 5.2.1, a bug-fix release focusing on improving our installation documentation and workflows. Other improvements include:

  • bug fix for missing hierarchy when viewing High Content Screening data
  • improvements to the right-hand panel in OMERO.insight
  • measurement tool fixes
  • OMERO.web fix for displaying size units

Users of the insight-ij plugin in Fiji should note that some versions of Java are failing to allow the plugin to connect to OMERO. Please refer to our help guide (http://help.openmicroscopy.org/imagej.html) and try a different version of Java if possible.

Developer updates include:

  • OMERO Javadocs now link to the relevant version of Bio-Formats Javadocs for inherited methods
  • clean-up of server dependencies
  • jstree clean-up
  • CLI graph operation improvements for deleting
  • minimal-omero-client and pom-omero-client clean-up

System administrator updates include:

  • improved installation documentation, including an updated and tested complete walkthrough for installation on CentOS 6
  • OMERO.web deployment fixes

Full details are available at http://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/supp ... story.html

OMERO 5.2.1 uses Bio-Formats 5.1.7, see http://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/supp ... s-new.html for details on recent format support fixes.

The software is available at:

The Virtual Appliance (to allow you to test a server locally) now has its own downloads page and can be found on http://downloads.openmicroscopy.org/ome ... nce/5.2.1/

Upgrade information is at http://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/supp ... grade.html

Any problems or comments, please use the OME Forums or mailing lists:



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