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Postby MLB » Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:49 pm

Hello !

We are trying to understand how we can organize images with OMERO hierarchy, and tags, comments ...

I imagine this organization :
project cf I2MC-collab
dataset cf 20120629-mitosis
images cf 0001.lsm

project cf I2MC-collab -> cellular types
dataset cf 20120629-mitosis -> acquisition system ;
images cf 0001.lsm -> drug


project cf I2MC-collab
dataset cf 20120629-mitosis -> lab book ref ; good images for "Nature"
images cf 0001.lsm

f I search the dataset I have to use for my article for Nature... I will not find my images.
As I understand, we have to put every key word in our future query in images comments, and tag.
Right ?

Is there another way to manage global tag and retrieve this information into images associating to the dataset, project ?

Thank you for your help.

Marie Laure
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Re: Search option

Postby jburel » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:18 pm

The search functionality in insight currently limits you to search only on images. This is a client limitation, allowing users to search for tags linked to project or dataset is currently allowed in web and should not be too difficult to re-activate in insight. You should still tag/annotate your project/dataset the way you describe so when the client is fixed you will retrieve the data.
e.g. search for cellular types, will return the project then you could browse the dataset within that project

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