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Visualize the omero raw data

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Visualize the omero raw data

Postby willy » Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:28 pm

Hi OME team,

In our research project, we have implemented the customized visualization tool(WIB) to view the omero data.
It works for most of the data except the unsigned 16 bit images.

Working one:
http://ccdb-portal.crbs.ucsd.edu/WebIma ... raID=34926

Unsigned 16 bit (Not working):
http://ccdb-portal.crbs.ucsd.edu/WebIma ... omeraID=53

In order to display this unsigned 16bit image correctly, we need the information about the data range.
Can you tell us where we can find that information in the database?

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Re: Visualize the omero raw data

Postby wmoore » Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:29 am

For a particular channel, you can get the range of pixel intensities using

Code: Select all

If you're using the Python Blitz Gateway, you can do
Code: Select all
image = conn.getObject("Image", imageId)
for c in image.getChannels():
   minC = c.getWindowMin()
   maxC = c.getWindowMax()

which calls the same methods as above.


PS - Nice viewer!
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