Release of OMERO & Bio-Formats 5.1.1

The OME team is pleased to announce the release of OMERO & Bio-Formats 5.1.1

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Today we are releasing OMERO and Bio-Formats 5.1.1. This is a point release that contains bug-fixes, but also adds several new features to Bio-Formats and OMERO.


Bio-Formats 5.1.1 adds TIFF writing support to the native C++ implementation and substantially improves our support for Windows by fixing the remaining functional differences between Windows and Mac/Linux.

Other updates include:

* improved performance of ImageJ plugin when working with ROIs

* TIFF export - switch to BigTIFF if .tf2, .tf8, or .btf extensions are used

* fixed upgrade checking to more accurately report when a new version is available

* Many bug fixes for formats including:
    * Zeiss CZI - fixed ordering of multiposition data and improved support for RGB and fused images
    * Nikon ND2 - improved ordering of multiposition data
    * Leica LIF - improved metadata validity checks and excitation wavelength detection
    * Metamorph STK/TIFF - record lens numerical aperture and fixed millisecond values in timestamps
    * Gatan DM3 - correctly detect signed pixel data
    * Imaris HDF - fix channel count detection
    * ICS export - fix writing of files larger than 2GB

Full details can be found at Bio-Formats version history

The software is available at archived downloads and the C++ implementation is available from archived downloads


OMERO 5.1.1 focuses on user-facing issues and cleaning resources for developers. Improvements include:

For OMERO.web:

* significant review of the web share functionality
* correction of thumbnail refreshing
* fixes to the user administration panel
* fix for embedding of the Javascript image viewer

For OMERO.insight:

* improved open actions
* tidying of the menu structure
* correction of the mouse zoom behavior
* fix for the Drag-n-Drop functionality

Other updates include:

* overhaul of the CLI session log-in logic
* cleaning and testing of all code examples
* further removal of the use of deprecated methods

The software is available at archived downloads

Upgrade information is at the server upgrade page.

Any problems or comments, please use the OME Forums or mailing lists.

April 28, 2015

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