We provide extensive documentation and welcome contributions to improve it.

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This provides an overview of the platform for scientists and a complete version history but mostly focuses on the technical details of installing and working with OMERO for system administrators and developers, and advanced users of the command line interface.

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This includes a complete version history, guides for using Bio-Formats as a plugin for ImageJ/Fiji, extensive information on which formats are supported and the level of that support, and also information for developers wanting to extend Bio-Formats or use it in their own software.

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OME Files

This includes guidance for using the OME Files C++ implementation and the OME CMake Super-Build, as well as links to the API references.

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OME Model and Formats

This covers the OME data model, including a full version history, and the documentation and specifications for OME-TIFF and OME-XML, including guidance for developers.

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OME Contributing Developer

This provides guidance for developers wishing to contribute code to OME projects and also covers internal practices and workflows such as the use of continuous integration tools.

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