OME Training

To promote understanding of our products, regular practical workshops are organized in the community.

The OME team is keen to provide outreach workshops in the community to demonstrate the features of our tools within imaging workflows. The training materials we develop are freely available along with the image data and setup procedures used.

The content of the workshops is usually derived from materials in omero-guides. New topics of workshops can also be suggested or discussed. The omero-guides can also be used as a starting user manual for and introduction to OMERO concepts and capabilities.

Our workshops range in length from a 1-hour overview of OMERO up to a full day. For more detailed coverage, a 2-day workshop can be used to provide an introduction to OMERO on one day and more advanced analysis, developer or sysadmin features on the next.

Email to discuss a workshop at your site.


Check our events page for upcoming workshops.



Browse training materials from recent workshops.

OMERO Guides

Run a workshop

Find information on how to run your own workshop.

Workshop setup
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