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OME products are in use in labs and research institutes around the world. Explore what they can do for you with this selection of demos, live online tools and code-sharing repositories.

OME for Scientists

Try out OME products with your own microscopy data.

OMERO for Scientists

Sign up for our demo server to test out the functionality with your own data.

Bio-Formats lets you read image data from Java, ImageJ/Fiji, GNU Octave/MATLAB, Python and R. If you're already using Fiji, it comes bundled with the Bio-Formats plugin automatically.

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OME for Developers

DevOps familiar with Docker or Ansible? Check out our repos to get set up with a test server:

OMERO for Developers
Deploy an OMERO server on CentOS 7 with Ansible

Ansible can deploy an OMERO.server with the same production configuration that we use in the OME. Take a look at the examples in this repository.

yum install -y -q epel-release
yum install -y -q ansible sudo
ansible-galaxy install \
    openmicroscopy.postgresql \
    openmicroscopy.omero-server \
cat << EOF > ~/omero-playbook.yml
- hosts: localhost
    - role: openmicroscopy.postgresql
      - name: omero
      - user: omero
        password: omero
        databases: [omero]
      postgresql_version: "9.6"
    - role: openmicroscopy.omero-server
      omero_server_rootpassword: ChangeMe
    - role: openmicroscopy.omero-web
ansible-playbook ~/omero-playbook.yml

Start a Server in Docker

Or launch all the Docker containers you need with this docker-compose example:

version: '3'

    image: postgres
      - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres
    image: openmicroscopy/omero-server:5.4
      - CONFIG_omero_db_user=postgres
      - CONFIG_omero_db_name=postgres
      - CONFIG_omero_db_pass=postgres
      - ROOTPASS=omero
    image: openmicroscopy/omero-web-standalone:5.4
      - 4080:4080

Useful DevOps links

Explore some example DevOps link resources below:

Client Development

Interested in client development? Check out the following repos for examples:

Image Analysis

See how OMERO and Bio-Formats integrate with other tools for performing image analysis tasks:

OME at Institutions

Explore examples of public access OMERO.servers

OMERO for Institutions


The LINCS program at Harvard Medical School provides a great example of how an OMERO.server can be configured to host public images, allowing individual scientists to link to their own images for sharing with others.

The Queensland Brain Institute

The Queensland Brain Institute's Advanced Microimaging and Analysis Facility also uses OMERO, including to host public images.

The Centre for Cell Imaging

The Centre for Cell Imaging at the University of Liverpool uses OMERO.gallery to host public images, which can then be viewed in the full OMERO.web image viewer.


The Image Data Resource is a collaboration between OME, EMBL-EBI and the University of Bristol, to make datasets from published scientific studies publicly available for viewing and data reuse and reanalysis.

Other sites using custom front-ends but OME technology behind the scenes

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