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Whether you’re an experienced system administrator ready to jump straight into installing OMERO.server or a manager wondering if the OMERO platform will meet your facility’s needs, this page will get you started.


A complete platform for managing your images, OMERO has many features and expansion points to integrate with your existing tools. OMERO is designed with scientists in mind and is tried and tested in hundreds of institutions worldwide. In this section, you might get an idea what are the benefits of OMERO for your institution.

The software can be downloaded for free, but do not miss the What is needed to host OMERO? section below.

Selected OMERO features
Read and watch about OMERO or try it to get a better idea.

What is needed to host OMERO?

The resources needed for setting up, keeping and maintaining OMERO vary according to your image data sizes and quality, and the infrastructure in your institution. Nevertheless, some general hints are given here as points which you should think about and implement in your concrete case.

You can benefit from asking your colleagues at institutions which are already running OMERO. For that, we also list some contacts to regional groups and list of selected institutions which run OMERO in the Key OMERO Contacts section.

Server hardware and environment
Server administrator(s)
OMERO manager person(s)

Key OMERO contacts

Contact OME Team
Regional groups and examples of institutions running OMERO

Selected useful guides

OMERO for facility managers

This guide gives an overview of all the main issues for managing OMERO, from access control to system monitoring, and points you at all the technical information you need.

System requirements

Hardware developments constantly outpace us but this guide will give you an idea of the requirements depending on the number of users and amount of data you expect.

Groups and permissions system

Getting to grips with the user roles, groups and permissions in OMERO is a great way to support a range of privacy and collaboration scenarios. This in-depth guide gives you all the information you need.

Installing OMERO.server

How to guides are provided for installing the server on a range of supported platforms and there is also information for getting your data repository, PostgreSQL database and OMERO.web deployment up and running.

Advanced import scenarios

This is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of all the available methods for importing data so you can choose the best method for your facility.

Server security and firewalls

OMERO is built with security in mind. This guide takes you through our practices and how to ensure your installation is as secure as possible.

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