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From the microscope to publication, OMERO handles all your images in a secure central repository. You can view, organize, analyze and share your data from anywhere you have internet access. Work with your images from a desktop app (Windows, Mac or Linux), from the web or from 3rd party software. Over 150 image file formats supported, including all major microscope formats.

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Getting Started

With our dedicated user help website and extensive technical documentation, all the information to get you started with OMERO is linked in the sections below. The institutional section is aimed at both facility managers and system administrators.

OMERO for Scientists


Your microscopy images are securely stored but shareable and available from anywhere you have internet access.

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OMERO for Developers


Join the OME community and extend OMERO’s functionality to suit your individual needs.

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OMERO for Institutions

Your Institution

OMERO securely stores image data and enables all of your users to manage the data from the same platform.

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The Power of OMERO

A complete platform for managing your images, OMERO has many features and expansion points to integrate with your existing tools.


The recent releases of OMERO are packed full of new features and functionality.

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Import over 150 image formats from microscope, graphics and other imaging formats. Use the Insight client, command line interface or transfer files directly to OMERO.

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Annotate your data with Tags, Comments, Files and more. Browse or Search your images and share with collaborators.

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Use OMERO clients to work with image data over the internet from anywhere. Browse thumbnails, image previews and view in full multi-dimensional viewer. High Content Screening data is also supported.

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Use ImageJ, MATLAB, R, scripts and other tools to run analysis on data in OMERO and save results on the server.

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Publish your raw data straight from the server using URLs to link directly to the web-based image viewer in a manuscript or embed images into your website.

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Download your original image data from anywhere, export as OME-TIFF or movie formats or quickly create figures for publication.

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Set up a Virtual Microscope and connect OMERO into a virtual learning environment.

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Manage users and groups, send automated emails from the server, use institutional authentication, and more.

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Enhance your install with OMERO apps.

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