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OME is a consortium of universities, research labs, industry and developers producing open-source software and format standards for microscopy data.

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OMERO is client-server software for managing, visualizing and analyzing microscopy images and associated metadata.

OMERO for Scientists


Your microscopy images are securely stored but shareable and available from anywhere you have internet access.

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OMERO for Developers


Join the OME community and extend OMERO’s functionality to suit your individual needs.

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OMERO for Institutions

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OMERO securely stores image data and enables all of your users to manage the data from the same platform.

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Bio-Formats is a Java library for reading and writing image files, which can be used as a plugin for many analysis and informatics solutions or incorporated into your own software.

Bio-Formats is a software tool for reading and writing image data, with a standardized application interface that supports open-source analysis programs like ImageJ and CellProfiler, informatics solutions like OMERO, and commercial programs like MATLAB. It supports over 140 file formats including High Content Screening formats, time lapse imaging and digital pathology. Bio-Formats is a community driven project and we always welcome your input.

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OME Files is a reference implementation of the OME data model and the OME-TIFF file format for developers to use in their own software.

OME Files is a package of tools for reading and writing the standard OME-TIFF file format and working with the OME data model, which builds upon what began as a native C++ implementation of Bio-Formats. Potential uses include export of images using OME-TIFF, saving of acquired image data in OME-TIFF, reading metadata and image data from OME-TIFF for visualization and analysis, or use of the data model metadata APIs for handling metadata.

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