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OMERO clients

A standard OMERO user just needs to download the client package with a compatible version for their institutional server (e.g. 5.5.8 clients will connect to 5.6.0 servers but not to 5.4.0 servers). Full instructions for installation are on the guides .

If you do not have an institutional server, you can take advantage of the OMERO platform hosted by the OME team in Dundee and sign up for a free demo account at You will received an email with your username and password allowing you to connect to the server in Scotland.

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Download (119 MB)
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Mac OS X

Download (142 MB)
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OMERO plugins

OMERO server

OMERO feature
Image J / Fiji

View instructions at Using ImageJ with OMERO.

Download (74 MB)
OMERO feature

View instructions at OMERO MATLAB language bindings.

Download (54 MB)
OMERO feature
Server (Ice 3.6)

View installation guides in System Administrator documentation.

Download (260 MB)

OMERO Python

OMERO feature
Python (Ice 3.6) libraries can be downloaded from PyPI or from the ome conda channel.

PyPI Conda Channel


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Java (Ice 3.6)

The OMERO Java documentation is available to read on the web here.

Download (125 MB)
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