OMERO for institutions

OMERO is designed to be an institutional data repository

OMERO for Institutions

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With OMERO, all the image data from your facility can be securely stored and managed, using group permissions and user roles to allow controlled access tailored to your institution. From private repositories for sensitive data to hosting public data for your website and latest publications, the permissions model is designed to meet the range of researchers’ needs. OMERO is tried and tested in hundreds of institutions world-wide, with extensive installation and configuration documentation for system administrators and community support via dedicated mailing lists and forums.

We keep the community updated on any security vulnerabilities through our advisories page.

Our commercial partners Glencoe Software also offer tailored installations and support packages if needed.

Key Features

OMERO has a wide range of features aimed at managers and system administrators, some of which are highlighted here.

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Supported File Formats

OMERO imports all the formats read by Bio-Formats including microscopy, HCS, tissue scanner and graphics file formats. Over 140 in total.

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OMERO permissions functionality allows users to share data within groups of scientists and collaborate on their data.

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Publish Data

OMERO can be customized to host public data, allowing publication of images directly from an existing server via shareable URLs or via an embedded OMERO.web viewer.

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Manage Users & Groups

Administrators can add and manage users and groups with the admin tools.

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LDAP Support

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is supported to allow existing institutional authentication services to be used for OMERO.

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Command Line

The Command Line Interface enables a range of OMERO functions to be performed efficiently on single or batches of images.

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File Integrity Reports

Import process checks uploaded files aren't corrupted giving extra confidence that they are safely stored.

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Full-fledged “DropBox" allows automatic import from a defined directory of all supported file formats.

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