November 2022 OME Meeting of community and friends

2-hour online technical sessions on new OME-related topics.

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Dear OME Community Members

As last year, we will hold the OME 2022 Community Meeting in a virtual format due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to provide a space for inspirational, guiding technical sessions on OME-related topics, see below for details.

Recordings: Watch sessions or particular demos.

  1. OME and Glencoe Updates (November 8)
  2. Viewer Landscape for NGFF (November 10)
  3. Next-generation metadata (November 15)
  4. OME-Zarr in Java (November 17)

Registration: Closed.

Organiser: OME Team

Location: Online

Dates: November 8, 10, 15 and 17, 2022

Times (GMT): One session at 8-10 am, with a repeat at 4-6 pm for each listed day.

Session details

The sessions will start off with progress updates from OME and Glencoe Software which will be followed by several technical sessions on next-gen file formats (NGFF) and related topics, see details below.

  1. OME and Glencoe Updates
    Updates on current status of work on file formats, APIs, OME-NGFF and public image data repositories.
  2. Viewer Landscape for NGFF
    Examination of current and needed functionality for viewing large, remote datasets.
  3. Next-generation metadata
    Defining a framework for collaborative and extensible metadata specifications.
  4. OME-Zarr in Java
    Overview of current libraries and roadmap feedback for Zarr V3 support.

Information on workshops:

For those of you looking for workshops on working with OME's Bio-Formats and OMERO, check out the training page on our website for materials you can use or ways to contact us about running a workshop at your institution.


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