Release of OME Files C++ 0.1.0

The OME team is pleased to announce the release of OME Files C++ 0.1.0

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OME Files is a reference implementation of the OME Data Model and OME-TIFF file format for the storage and interchange of biological imaging data and metadata. It provides support for:

Major changes in this release include:

OME Files C++ was previously named “Bio-Formats C++” and was part of the Bio-Formats Java source repository. With this initial release of OME Files, the C++ source code has been moved from the Java source repository into a set of C++ source repositories, which can be released independently of the Java implementation. The Common, Files and QtWidgets components were split out into separate repositories, using “git filter-branch” to retain the history. The XML component continues to reside in bioformats.git for the moment, but will also be split out in a future release. The components may be built individually, or as a collection using the OME Super-Build. This release is a first step in our strategy to build a native reference implementation for the OME Data Model, OME-TIFF, and hopefully more modern formats like HDF5, etc.


The software release is available at archived downloads. This page includes links to the individual repositories and source releases, as well as the documentation and binary builds of the collection for several common platforms, including Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

Changes since Bio-Formats C++ 5.1.8

OME Common


OME Files

OME QtWidgets

Super-Build 0.1.0

Future changes

The planned changes over the next few weeks include:


OME Files



Support for building on Windows with msbuild is currently non-functional; please use Ninja for the time being.


For any problems or comments, please use the OME forums or mailing lists.

April 11, 2016

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