OMERO 5.4.2 issue

The OME team apologizes that there is an issue with OMERO.web 5.4.2

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While upgrading our production servers to 5.4.2, we have identified a problem afflicting OMERO.web. Long-running Python processes, like OMERO.web’s gunicorn workers, can leak file handles. After a period of usage, OMERO.web becomes unstable and needs to be restarted.

We have now identified the issue and are testing a fix1. In the meantime, we recommend not upgrading to 5.4.2 if you are using OMERO.web: we will release 5.4.3 early next week.

We unfortunately did not discover the issue during our testing since the instability only arises after extended uptime. We will review our testing process accordingly to avoid such problems in the future.

Thanks for your understanding and please accept our apologies.

January 26, 2018

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