Release of OMERO.figure 4.0.0

The OME team is pleased to announce the release of OMERO.figure 4.0.0

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We are pleased to announce the release of OMERO.figure 4.0.0.

This is a major release that adds support for “big” tiled Images. This means that OMERO.figure can now handle WSI image data or other images with large XY sizes.

It includes changes to the way ROI stroke-widths are displayed. Previously, ROI stroke-widths were measured in image pixels so that lines appeared thinner as an image panel was zoomed out. However, this meant that lines of similar width can appear at different thicknesses on different images. It also meant that on “big” Images that were zoomed out a long way, lines would disappear completely.

Now, stroke-widths are measured by page points so all lines of a similar stroke-width will appear the same thickness on the page, independent of the size or zoom of the panel they are on.

When older figures are opened with OMERO.figure 4.0.0, stroke-widths will be updated so that the appearance of ROI lines remains the same.

Other features:

For developers:

This release also upgrades the required version of OMERO to 5.4.0 or newer.

Any problems or comments, please use the OME Forums or mailing lists.

May 22, 2018

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