Release of OMERO.server 5.6.5

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Today we are releasing OMERO.server 5.6.5 which includes:

The OMEZarrReader inclusion allows the server to import imaging data written according to the OME-NGFF specification. The reader supports OME-NGFF datasets for all published versions of the specification (up to and including 0.4) and reads OME-XML metadata stored using the layout written by Glencoe Software’s bioformats2raw utility. This metadata layout is currently being reviewed for formal inclusion into the OME-NGFF specification - see the relevant discussion on GitHub. OME-NGFF import is currently only available using the command-line interface, see the limitations page for more details.

Note that the Bio-Formats Memoizer cache will be invalidated on upgrade from earlier OMERO.server versions.

Finally, the OMERO.server technical documentation has been migrated to Read the Docs and the documentation for the stable version is available from

Installing the Software:

For full details of the changes included in the OMERO 5.6 series see the OMERO 5.6.0 release announcement. Full documentation for this release is available under

This release has been tested with 5.11.2 and OMERO.web 5.14.1. We recommend that you upgrade and OMERO.web accordingly on your deployments.

Official Docker images are available as usual on Docker Hub with either the latest or the 5.6 tag:

You are invited to discuss this announcement on the forum.

All the best with your upgrades,

The OME Team

June 30, 2022

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