August 2023 OME workshop

The OME Team gave a workshop on OMERO at the University of Arizona (Tucson).

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Organisers: Microscopy Alliance University of Arizona

Location: University of Arizona, Tucson

Workshop: University of Arizona OMERO Workshop

Dates: 3 - 4 August 2023

OMERO, a component of OME, is a software platform for image data management and analysis which were presented in this workshop. Import, organisation, viewing, searching, annotation and publishing of imaging data with OMERO were shown.

Further, the emphasis was given on the popular OMERO.figure application.

During the second day, we were concentrating on more advanced OMERO topics, showing connections of OMERO with popular 3rd party image analysis software packages such as Fiji, Cellpose, Cellprofiler or StarDist and using OMERO Python API for running image analysis on the cloud.

Resources available: presentation and walkthrough

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