June 2022 OME and IDR users workshops

2 repeats of an in-person workshop given by the OME Team on using and exploring IDR and OME-NGFF as part of the ELMI 2022 meeting.

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Organisers: ELMI 2022

Location: Turku, Finland

Workshop: Achieving the FAIR vision in imaging

Times and Dates: 8 and 9 June 2022, always at 14.30 (2 repeats)

Duration: 2 times 1 hour (2 repeats)

The Image Data Resource (IDR) was explored and it was demonstrated how to access the IDR data using the Python API, to fetch image data and metadata from IDR study associated with a publication. Further, re-analysis of data using an alternative segmentation tool to the one used by the publication authors was performed. Also, this workshop introduced an emerging cloud-compatible imaging format. It was shown how it can be used to access cloud-hosted imaging data and how it facilitates analysis in parallel threads.

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