January 2022 OME users workshops

2 online workshops (ca 3.5 hours per day in two days) given by the OME Team on OMERO and IDR organized by Global BioImaging.

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Organisers: Global BioImaging

Location: held remotely

Workshop 1.: OMERO: Management, sharing, publication and analysis of image data

Date: 25 January 2022

Workshop 2.: IDR: A resource for publication, reference and re-analysis of image data

Date: 26 January 2022

Duration: 3.5-hours (OMERO workshop) and 3 hours (IDR workshop)

The OMERO workshop focused on several key areas including data management of image data using OMERO open source data management solution. In the second workshop on the following day, the Image Data Resource (IDR) was introduced and simple searches as well as more complex queries using the IDR API were shown. For more details and to apply for the workshop(s), please visit OMERO workshop and/or IDR workshop as appropriate.

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