September 2023 OME workshop

The OME Team gave a workshop on OMERO/IDR as part of HDBI Day-symposium (hosted at the Francis Crick Institute, London).

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Organisers: Human Developmental Biology Initiative (HDBI)

Location: The Francis Crick Institute, London

Workshop: OMERO/IDR Workshop

Duration: 2 x 1 hour

Date: 12 September 2023

OMERO, a component of OME, is a software platform for image data management and analysis which was presented in this course. Import, organisation, viewing and annotation of imaging data with OMERO were shown.

During the second hour, the Image Data Resource (IDR) was introduced, concentrating on the submission workflow and explaining the value of curation for this added-value resource. We also showed the transition from manual import of images and metadata to importing in bulk using text templates and the Command Line Interface.

Resources available: 2 presentations and a walkthrough

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