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4th April

Dundee: Will, Kenny, Jason, Jean-Marie, June, Balaji, Roger, Helen, Ola, Simon, Simone, Dominik

Remote: Eleanor, David, Sebastien, Liz, Chris, Stick, Andreas, Josh (at Janelia)

# Agenda - 2:00pm Start #

1. Accepting minutes from [last meeting](https://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/community/minutes/conference-calls/2017/2017-03-21-tuesday-team-meeting)

1. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

1. Spaces

1. [Files/Formats](https://trello.com/b/IBHfAIMP/bio-formats-5-x)/[OME Files](https://trello.com/b/WFYWCvoV/ome-files-0-4-0) (Sebastien)

- CMSO mulitmot - coupling imaging and analytical data

- Followup - get experimental metadata files.

- BF- external PR from mpi. Reader addition

- OME-Files - Oxford user consuming OME files

- Minor release soon with features requested by community

- Timeline not set yet, before Dundee meeting would be nice

- JM: meeting workshop on OME-Files?

- Jason: modalities and complexities of imaging acquisition increased a lot since start of OME project.

1. [Metadata](https://trello.com/c/XQXwX6jj/6-metadata) (Eleanor)

- IDR meeting last week

- Submissions: biostudies submission portal. Met with biostudies.

- Analysis: use-cases discussed, good progress

- Working on two datasets, idr0026 (immunotherapy) and idr0034 (HipSci)

- Release scheduled for next week with idr0026, annotation updates and update deployment with a separate web user

- Next months work

- More datasets.

- Working with BioStudies so they can receive imaging submissions

- Upgrade to jupyter to allow whitelisting users

- Ola - upgrade the version of OMERO used in IDR to 5.3.0

- Simon - calculating WND-CHARM features on more datasets

- Proteasome analysis.

- Preparing presentation for users’ meeting.

1. [OMERO 5.3.1](https://trello.com/b/99FNECY9/omero-5-3-1)

- 5.3.0 Release last week.

- Looking to port useful IDR features back into mainline. Thumbnailing etc.

- Matlab (Balaji) and R (Dominik) for analysis - Users’ meeting prep

- Moving more functionality to OMERO gateway - SPW features

- Jason: showing workflows using full stack, using IDR / big data

- Part of improving data-in, data-out, data-download “the straw”

- Weekly analysis meeting starting on Friday

- JM: web apps pip installable -> Douglas doing same for webtagging

1. [Outreach](https://trello.com/b/Da6OAWam/outreach)

- Josh at Janelia

- Simon and Kenny going to Ansible meeting

1. Other releases/upgrades:

1. Figure

- Updating release board for using Pypi

- Looking to release on 17th April

1. Iviewer

- Working on ROI permissions

- Will: Adding ROI support to JSON API

- Aim to release first week of May

1. new website

- Started weekly meetings on Mondays

- Updating layout of OMERO section

- Currently deploying via github pages to build & host jekyll site

- JM: will eventually migrate figure.openmicroscopy.org into new site.

- Helen: more content work in progress

1. Sysadmin (current board and recent PRs)

- Kenny: separate web VM for 5.3.0 on nightshade

- Need to setup SSL for logins etc.≠

- School need to update to latest Insight before server upgrade

- Specs and deployment firmed up for new nightshade on RHEL 7 VM.

1. Glencoe Update (Chris)

- Pathviewer webinar at end of month

- 5.3.0 investigation for pathviewer

- Horizontal scaling with Douglas etal

1. Mtools testing and new build needed for nightshade upgrade

1. User meeting update

- Workshop schedules on gdocs

- Some external workshops

- Tricky to organise 3 sessions]

- Finish with “free-for-all” depending on demand

1. Reverse OSAR (30-60 mins)

1. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

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