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4th July

Dundee: Kenny, Roger, Seb, Mark, Balaji, Simon, Petr, Simone, June

Remote: JM, Dom, Josh, Eleanor, Chris,

# Agenda - 2:00pm Start #

1. Accepting minutes from [last meeting](https://www.openmicroscopy.org/site/community/minutes/conference-calls/2017/2017-06-27-tuesday-team-meeting)

1. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

1. Spaces - 14:00

1. [Files/Formats](https://trello.com/b/IBHfAIMP/bio-formats-5-x)/[OME Files](https://trello.com/b/WFYWCvoV/ome-files-0-4-0) (Sebastien)

- Bio-Formats 5.5.3

2 releases ready

Almost ready to ship

Announcement open as a PR

Test/Release likely tomorrow

- OME Files 0.4.0 incl. Tiled OME-TIFF writing

Tested successfully, all passed, EOB today

Tiled OME-TIFF files major feature

- Bio-Formats 5.6.0

Focus to shift here, isolation, decoupling,

low-level (codecs, decoupling TIFF)

Couple of milestones: integration of decoupled codecs

Some time next week for milestones. Then integration to OMERO 5.4

Breaking changes to Bio-Formats cache? Not sure. Perhaps for serialisation, not API.

1. [Metadata](https://trello.com/c/XQXwX6jj/6-metadata) (Josh) - 14:03 UK

1. [OMERO 5.4.0](https://trello.com/b/SiqOu2Bl/omero-540)

1. Roles PR to be merged (DB changes) Any vetoes? then tag 5.4.0-m1

1. [Outreach](https://trello.com/b/Da6OAWam/outreach)

1. Other releases/upgrades:

1. Figure 14:14 UK

1. Release 3.1.1 out. Bug fixing with older figure. To be deployed on nightshade this evening.

1. Need for a schema to be discussed. Ongoing discussions. Also useful for consumption in notebooks.

1. Iviewer

1. [ms-queue](https://github.com/openmicroscopy/omero-ms-queue)

1. new tag 0.2.0: version currently running at Montpellier

1. List of [issues](https://github.com/openmicroscopy/omero-ms-queue/issues) detailing changes to come

1. [new website](https://trello.com/b/6W7nuoE8/website-020)

1. 0.2.0 is due next week. 12 July iirc. Goal: freeze both content and styling for 1st live deployment.

1 To raise any real blockers for deployment

1 Thanks to all PRs. More review this evening.

1 Pagination, styling small updates

1 On track. Background: docs - no longer a blocker

To start deployment strategy mock-up. (isolated OME based deployment)

Expect to have prototype for next week / code freeze

To drive identification of blockers/issues for deployment

1 All to be reviewed next week

1. Sysadmin (current board and recent PRs) - 14:19 UK

1. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:24 UK

Still working in microservices, scalability, rendering engine (this week)

1. Presentation by Seb “website and downloads and docs”

Seb: Questions/Concerns?

(Clarification over style coupling mtbc/sb)

Review: mtbc: a dev server? Jenkins HTML plugin can build the staging version. Probably don’t need a second redeployment step.

Roger: plonematch.css? Is it standalone or inheriting from default sphinx theme?

Seb: Have a look at the PR. We don’t rely on anything else.

Jason: Definite improvement.

1. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

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