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Dundee: Will, Petr, Mark, Jean-Marie, June, Riad, Jason,

Remote: Sebastien, David, Frances, Melissa, Wilma, Andreas, Chris,

Start: 2:00 pm

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Project Status

(2-3 minutes each)

  1. AOB

(5 min. max; tech. Discussion should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

  1. Developer day after next user workshop.

    1. Jason - some delegates at the last workshop were developer

      types. Would benefit from extra day to work with OMERO devs.

    2. Seb: hard to characterise users as devs/admins/users. For

      developers, do I visit in September or June?

    3. Jason - clarify with extra details in announcement.

    4. Informal extra day, won’t require organised catering etc.

    5. Will: discussion ahead of time about what is feasible for 3rd

      day? E,g, on forums?

    6. Jason: yes, we ask this on the form, but could be more open


    7. Seb in Dundee next week - Tuesday.
  2. Lifesci IDs expiring LDAP logins fail. Need to update passwords.

    1. Lifesci auth may go away soon. Do we switch nightshade to UoD


  3. Main Topic

(20-25 minutes plus 15 minutes questions max)

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