The Next Generation OMERO.web image viewer

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The Next Generation full image viewer

Making use of the OpenLayers web-based technology, OMERO.iviewer gives you all the visualization, annotation and analysis functionality that was previously only available via the desktop OMERO.insight client. Now you can add ROIs and do basic image analysis right in your browser.


Open multi-selected images

Support for multiple side-by-side viewers and the ability to synchronize settings between them.

Draw and customize ROIs

Draw shapes and select colors and line intensity.

Copy and paste ROIs

Duplicate ROIs across multiple images.

Export ROI statistics

Export ROI pixel intensities as CSV files.

Inspect pixel intensity

Mouse over the image to display values.

Open dataset thumbnails

View full images by clicking on dataset thumbnails.

Smooth zoom, pan and rotate

Navigate around images by zooming, panning and rotating while still keeping track of where you are in the full image.

Scroll Z and Time

Move the image viewport through Z and Time dimensions.

Live scalebars

Pixel size metadata gives live scalebars that update as you zoom and can be repositioned in the viewport.

Adjust rendering settings

Toggle channels on and off, change colors and adjust levels.

Use lookup tables

Render images with lookup tables.

Invert intensity

Invert the intensity of a channel for display.

View histograms

Full support for histograms of image intensity.

View metadata

Image dimensions, pixel sizes, and acquisition and import dates are available in the 'info' tab.

Export images

Export viewport images as PNG files.

Power of the web

Using OpenLayers technology, get all the visualization, annotation and analysis functionality of our desktop client in the Next Generation web-based image viewer for OMERO.

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