2020 OME Community Meeting

Open data, advanced imaging data applications, and more

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photo of Jason Swedlow

2020 OME Community Meeting Format

Dear All -

As many of you know, we’ve switched the meeting this year to a virtual format due to the COVID crisis. In this virtual format, we hope to provide inspiring, guiding content from several speakers and then give an opportunity, using on-line discussions among the meeting participants, to define the current status and future directions for each of the topics we’ll address. We’ll aim to generate a series of GDocs that summarize these points and provide a starting point for future work.

We have 3 days dedicated to related, but separate topics:

We hope that this structure can accommodate the schedules of different members of the community. We’ll continue to post updates here, on Twitter (@openmicroscopy), and the image.sc forum.

Looking forward to “meeting” you all soon. Thanks for your continued support during these challenging times.



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