2020 OME Community Meeting

Open data, advanced imaging data applications, and more

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Day 1 - Tuesday, May 26

Exploring public data resources

Please Note

The schedule includes pre-recorded videos organised by topic followed by group discussions.
Please find time to watch the videos before the corresponding discussion on each topic.
All times are in UK - British Summer Time (GMT+1).

microscope and images and the world -
National/Transnational Public Image Data Resources
Video Talks for Discussion: National/Transnational Public Image Data Resources

The Image Data Resource: update and next steps
Sébastien Besson & Frances Wong, OME Dundee

SSBD:database and SSBD:repository for sharing quantitative biosystems dynamics data and bioimaging data
Shuichi Onami, RIKEN

BioImage Archive at EMBL-EBI
Ugis Sarkans, EMBL-EBI

Platforms to address image data challenges: Global BioImaging and EOSC-Life
Federica Paina & Frauke Leitner, EMBL

an institute -
Project/Institutional Resources
Video Talks for Discussion: Project/Institutional Resources

Leveraging OMERO Plus to map the human pancreas
JP Cartailler & Diane Saunders, Vanderbilt

Graham Johnson, Allen Institute of Cell Science

BIAFLOWS: A collaborative framework to reproducibly deploy and benchmark bioimage analysis workflows
Sebastien Tosi, IRB Barcelona

Human Protein Atlas
Emma Lundberg, SciLifeLab

NIH's Human Tumor Atlas Network
Peter Sorger, Harvard Medical School

11:00 - 13:00
Discussion: National/Transnational Public Image Data Resources

Chair: Sébastien Besson

16:00 - 17:00
Keynote: A FAIR Odyssey

Helen Parkinson, EMBL-EBI

17:00 - 19:00
Discussion: Project/Institutional Resources

Chair: Jason Swedlow

19:00 - TBD

Details to follow soon.

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