OMERO for scientists

Getting Started

Getting started with OMERO is easy with our range of ‘How to’ guides. If you have an institutional server to connect to, you can get up and running in minutes with a desktop or browser-based app. If OMERO is all new to your institution, we have a demo server you can try out.

Try out the Demo server

Register to try OMERO before committing any IT resources to getting a server set up. This guide includes terms of use and takes you through connecting to the server.

Get started on the desktop app

This guide covers downloading and installing the OMERO.insight desktop app, importing your images and getting to grips with the UI for browsing your data.

Using OMERO.web

This guide introduces the browser-based web app and provides an overview of using it to view, organize and share data.

Using ImageJ/Fiji with OMERO

Already familiar with ImageJ/Fiji for image analysis? This guide gets you set up with the OMERO.insight-ij plugin so you can work with your data stored in OMERO.

Get started working with your images now

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